Interview mit dating gurus

Right now I’m writing this blog on the Telerik-editor built into DNN and it’s terrible.

There are a zillion bugs – like hitting backspace at the beginning of a paragraph will reformat my text (no joke).

Watch the real-time video below or try out the App yourself (links below…) Try it out for yourself Your core mobile-implementation strategy sets strong restrictions as to what you can do and what not.

This is not the way it should be, but the way it is.

The App is simple, but it contains some very powerful features like …and much more.

This HTML-output of the App isn’t production class – for that the HTML would need some more tweaking – but we’re really exited because it just shows how productive things can become, if the „platform“ does everything for you.

So Peter had all these nice code-snippets in his blog, and they looked really nice – thanks to a open-source JS called Syntax Highlighter. My guess was that someone re-edited the blog in the WYSIWYG, and BAM! In my opinion, this is something that most people haven’t figured out yet – partially because they can’t find the code-snippets to help them.

So here goes: all the ways you could use to access SQL-data directly from Razor without pre-compiling something. The five options we’ll review are: Remember the old days when we pretended we had What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get?

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