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Lots of good memories of Enid and growing up without a care in the world. There was a huge bush that curved around her property on the James side. I remember having to go out into the hallway one at a time when I was in first grade.

(Reply) My mom also worked at Richells as a waitress for 12 years . Mom was terrified we would run into someone as we went around the bush because it was a blind spot. When it was our turn, two of my sisters and I stood in between nurses who had a gun with a bottle of clear liquid attached. A nurse poked us in the arm with a little plastic device she called a “snake bite”. Back in those days, the nurse came around for shots and all sorts of things.

– The thing that sticks out the most is the freedom we had when we were in grade school and junior high. I miss the riding the Bullet at Meadowlake and watching my best friend get sick. I miss buying white mice, 45’s and black light posters at Woolco. I miss getting bike parts and skateboards at OTASCO. I miss riding bikes & sliding on boxes down the hill at the Bird Sanctuary. I miss getting drinks with “good ice” at Somewhere restaurant. I miss finding boxes around town to build a cardboard maze on Halloween. I miss exploring the water drainage tunnels under Van Buren and Garriott. I miss catching tadpoles in Boggy Creek and going home covered in mud. I miss going up and down the ramp at the Sears parking garage. I miss sneaking out to the, so called, “Insane Asylum” late at night. The Newton Hotel was around the corner by the alley on south Grand. On the day it arrived, the Sunday School teacher asked if anyone could play a tune to dedicate the new organ. (Reply) WOW, all the talk of food brought back thoughts of Judons, Brights Drive-in, Navajo, banana pudding at the Hendry house…

We could go to any part of town on our own and our parents never had to worry. Who knows what went on there – I never had the guts to darken their door. I know this sounds strange, but I miss the smell of the refineries. I think the Sunday School teacher had a hymn in mind. Thanks so much for pulling all those wonderful times back to the surface and at the same time for making me feel a little melencholy that those simple innocent times seem gone forever.

I think I spent most of my childhood at the softball fields towards the base. We had a blast finding change and other random things under the bleachers.

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Early 1960 (Reply) My mom was the cashier at Richill’s for years! I was an east side kid too and lived summers of riding bikes to Phillips to play tennis and swim, Junior Jungle, and Bob’s Cone Corner for frito chili pies. Her name was Bea (Reply) I miss coming home from downtown and always passing the old lady’s house on Van Buren that was between Randolph and James.– Each of us carry our own memories of growing up in a carefree time, when we had little responsibility and days of discovery. Follow the exploits of a Cartoonist, Photographer, Writer, Artist, Speaker, Designer, Entrepreneur, Apple Geek, Radio Host, Blogger, Social Media Guru, Goonie, Actor, Hubby & Dad.I loved growing up in my hometown of Enid, Oklahoma. Always remember, there's never a bad day to wear sneakers and shorts.I loved going to see her there the train and the parrot was great . Sometimes, idiots would go the wrong way down James and would indeed be in am accident. I remember taking a nickel to school for 5-cent milk. I was excited when it was my turn to go get them from the big refrigerated chest in the hallway. I could go on and on as well, but it wanted to post some memories not on your list to see if anyone else remembers them as well.I miss standing in line at the old health clinic when it was on Market (Owen K. Mom sometimes gave me a quarter so I could buy milk for the less fortunate. I remember “hotdog day” as a fundraiser for the PTA. Those were the days I got to stay at school for lunch. You either stayed at school with a sack lunch or you went home for lunch. (Reply) Shelly, I believe that house was referred to as “The Bird Lady’s House.” I recall delivering a noon “Meal on Wheels” to her house several decades ago.(Reply) Hickory Hut was operated by Johnny O, who also ran the Officer’s Club restaurant at Vance.He had a huge smoker oven and at Christmas and Thanksgiving would smoke a big batch of turkeys.), Tastee Freeze, the candy department in the old Sear’s Building, Woolsworth’s fountain and grill, Montgomery Ward’s window displays , Loomis Furniture, Herzberg’s for the fancy clothes, Down’s Pharmacy, the fountain and trails and paddle boats and ducks at Government Spring’s Park, Hedges Cafe, and Dan & Bake’s burgers and chili! (Reply) I don’t think I ever drive north on Independence when I’m home visiting without thinking about the smell of baking bread as I cross over the train tracks. (Reply) I remember swimming in the creek where ur house was built and mom having to remove the leeches.Back in the days when communities were more completely self-sufficient. Going to post office at Phillips college to buy government stamps.(Reply) what was that a and w root beer drive inn -my aunt nellie johnson taught at longfellow-learned to swim at phillips pool- red keck owned farm out by the woods development-ringwood watermelon -YUM!!!!(Reply) The go cart track, getting fried pickles at the Navajo, seeing the undies hanging from Sud’s your Dud’s.

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