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As far as I’m aware, all the camps built in the last five years are close to this standard.This is your boilerplate room at Conoco Phillip’s Surmont 2 camp where I stayed. If you are unlucky you may have to share a washroom with the person living next to you ("Jack and Jill").I didn’t fully grasp this until a portly man ahead of me in the breakfast line asked for “30 pieces of bacon.” The cook didn’t even bat an eyelash while she erected a teetering mountain of bacon on his plate. I stayed in four camps and only in the tiny temporary one did the food deviate noticeably in quality.

Nevertheless I did hear a few of the more colourful explanations for firings.

For dessert there are four or five different cakes baked in house, and even a self-serve ice cream bar with waffle cones. This is all available on one day and the entire dinner menu changes daily. The breakfasts consist of sausages, bacon, eggs (cooked however you like), hash browns and beans. For lunches there was a large assortment of sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, pastries, and leftovers from last night you could bag and take to eat out on the work site.

It is served buffet style and there is no limit to how much you can take.

Some will not even offer parking, making you reliant on an ephemeral shuttle to get in and out of camp, effectively trapping you on site for the duration of your shift.

Though the rules are on the whole fairly reasonable, the stereotypically rowdy attitude of many oil sands workers makes it hardly surprising a lot of people still get fired.

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