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On the contrary, the NHS has a dismal reputation among all Western Europeans and its hospitals are to be avoided like night-time excursions in Dracula country.The operation was a success but the patient died Very occasionally, support for the mythology comes from elsewhere in the world and is given wide publicity.Also posted in alternative medicine, bureaucracy, bureaucracy (bullying), chakras, colonic irrigation, crystals (healing power of), Department of Health, doctors, folly, hocus-pocus, homeopaths, homeopathy, homeopathy (state-funded), hopi candles, ignorance, King's Evil, medicine, mycobacterial cervical lymphadenitis, National Health Service, politicians, Prince of Wales, Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health, scrofula, snobbery, snobbery (social), timeservers, tuberculous cervical lymphadenitisold ladies in their 80s worried about their appearance are not high on the National Health Service’s list of priorities; and this, combined with a severe shortage of dermatologists, meant that she could not be seen on the NHS for 18 months.

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The mediocre wait to take offence as a spider awaits its prey in a web; the spider needs its prey to live, the mediocre their offendedness to feel a sense of purpose to their doesn’t need women, it needs scientists, just as art needs artists and literature needs writers; whether they are men or women is irrelevant.

The measure on which it was next to worst was the number of deaths preventable by healthcare. This rather reminded me of the 19th-century surgeon’s refrain, ‘The operation was a success but the patient died.’ No doubt it is naïve of me, but the prevention of preventable deaths seems to me the whole, or at least the most important, purpose of a health care system. Also posted in egalitarianism, healthcare historiography, historiography (healthcare), mortality rates, mythology (NHS), National Health Service, national religion, NHS mythology, sacred cows, surgeonsto give every citizen an electronic health record that was in principle available to every doctor and every hospital in the country cost upwards of bn, and ended in total failure, unless the creation of information technology millionaires along the way were to be counted a success.

Also posted in British Medical Journal, cant, Dalrympian dialect, dialect English, dialect English (archaic), English, English (modern), English language, Gibbon, Edward, language (verbose), National Health Service, NHS apparatchiks, NHS managerial language, NHS managers, NHS-speak, official memoranda, official prose, officialese, verbose languageis part of the persistent attempt by the government further to debase and demoralise the medical profession.

What is it, then, that doctors could refrain from doing that would not harm patients, and whom would they harm by it instead?

Surely everything a doctor does should be to the benefit of patients, either directly or indirectly; and if there is something that he does that is not for the benefit of patients, he is wasting his own time and the money of those who pay him.

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  1. "What we're seeing now with all of the debate that's gone on in Congress, discussions about federal funding, the ACA—states were sort of given a heads-up, given a warning that they need to think about ways in which they can find improved economics and still deliver quality programs to their Medicaid beneficiaries."Burdick touted the quality of Well Care's Medicaid plans, saying the company is rated No. 2 by the National Committee for Quality Assurance in seven of its nine states.