Is austin mahone dating payton

We had eight bunks, but we're only using three because Justin has the little bedroom at the very back of the bus.

Anyway, I climbed onto my bunk and shut the little curtain.

"I look up at the blond kid across from me and raise an eyebrow."Obviously I didn't! "Yeah he did.""He does know that I'm with Niall right?

" I say loudly, not breaking eye contact with Cody as I lock my i Phone and wait for him to start speaking. " I question, resting my chin on the palm of my hand as I wait impatiently for an answer."They asked him if he was interested in anyone and Austin went on and on about how much he likes you."I laugh, thinking that Cody was just joking ... Like, I'm not gonna drop everything for this kid who will probably be tired of me in a month!

Then, climbed under the covers and shut my eyes, immediately falling into a deep sleep.***You'd think I'd be tired after getting two hours of sleep, but I was surprisingly quite energized.

I could feel the hype from Justin's fans as the buses pull into the back parking lot of the arena."Look at the signs they've got, Justin!

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" one of the girls yells and everyone screams while I laugh and cover my ears.""A little ...""Go to bed," he instructs."I can't! Love you babe.""Love you too Niall," I smile and then we both hang up.I want to talk to you," I protest, yawning once more."Payton."I sigh and yawn one last time. I yawn and stand up, walking to the back where the bunk beds were.I give him a look and Cody just shrugs."Chocolate makes everything better."I giggle at his answer and opened the chocolate. @paytonswift: don't believe what you read & don't believe what you hear.i'm dating @niallofficial NOT @austinmahone [email protected]: i'm very disappointed in austin for doing something like this. " he asks and this time I let out a laugh."No he's not.""So why don't you want to talk to me?I wish I was with him right now, I wish I could just hold him and look him in the eyes. "I love you more than everything I've ever had, Payton," says Niall to me and I bite my lip in an attempt to not burst into tears."You're gonna make me cry!" I laugh and so does he, the result being us laughing for around five minutes before I yawn."Are you tired?" I exclaimed, my grip on my phone tightening the more angry I got."I think he really likes you. Austin's gonna say something and then I'll be sent tons of death threats because everyone will think I started it ...I'd watch his every move if I were you.""That's not helping, Cody.""I thought it was pretty helpful! that it's my fault" I vent, covering my face with my hands."Well you're not going to like this ..." a new voice says and I remove my hands from my face to see who the voice belonged to. Anyway, he walks over to me and hands me his phone.Austin Mahone admits to dating Taylor Swift's sister, Payton Swift.My eyes widen and I feel my face heat up."YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!

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