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Clothing optional and nude optional (US specific) describe a policy or a venue that allows or encourages nudity but tolerates the wearing of clothes.The opposite is clothing compulsory; that is, prohibiting nudity.The term may also refer to a lifestyle based on personal, family, or social nudism. It may be practiced individually, within a family, socially, or in public.Additionally, there is also militant naturism, including campaigning, and extreme naturism is sometimes considered a separate category.They say that "there is nothing inherently wrong with bathing with children or otherwise appearing naked in front of them", noting that doing so may provide an opportunity for parents to provide important information.They note that by ages 5 to 6 children begin to develop a sense of modesty, and recommend to parents who wish to be sensitive to their children's wishes that they limit such activities from that age onwards.The largest of the pre-Holocene slides are comparable in size to the Storegga Slide.With the exception of one slide, the sliding took place after the onset of continental shelf glaciations at 0.5 Ma.

Naturism, or nudism, is a cultural and political movement practising, advocating, and defending personal and social nudity, most but not all of which takes place on private property.Nudism is the act of being naked, while naturism is a lifestyle which at various times embraced nature, environment, respect for others, self-respect, crafts, healthy eating, vegetarianism, teetotalism, non-smoking, yoga, physical exercise and pacifism as well as nudity.In naturist parlance, textile or textilist is a non-naturist person, non-naturist behaviour or non-naturist facilities. the textile beach starts at the flag, they are a mixed couple – he is naturist, she is textile.For various social, cultural, and historical reasons the lay public, the media, and many contemporary naturists and their organisations often oversimplify the relationship between naturism and sexuality.Current research has begun to explore this complex relationship.Several other terms ("social nudity", "public nudity", "skinny dipping", "sunning", and "clothes-free") have been proposed as alternative terms for naturism, but none has found the same widespread public acceptance as the older terms "naturism" and (in much of the United States) "nudism".People interested in social nudity can attend clothes-free beaches and other types of ad-hoc nudist events.Despite limited chronostratigraphic resolution, at least one large slide apparently occurs during every 100 ky, following glacial–interglacial cyclicity.The slides have several common characteristic features, and they detach in fine-grained, seismically stratified hemipelagic deposits, commonly developed as contourite drifts.At these venues, participants generally need not belong to a nudist club.Many contemporary naturists and naturist organisations feel that the practice of social nudity should be asexual.

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