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I have been a Talktalk customer for several years now and I can honestly say it hasn’t been a pleasurable exeperience!They may be cheap but for this you have to put up with the terrible customer service!they say they will give me back my money for taking out my bank account when they where fully aware that I had no services they say that calls are recorded and one manager said I would have my money returned within 7 days now another so called manager calls and say they have no or off of that was said to me so I insisted that they check the calls made to me and listen then oh we don't record the calls oh how convininet then he puts the phone down on me because I called him a lying pig what an absolute idiot..DO NOT USE TALK TALK THEY ARE A DISGRACE WHO TAKE MONEY FOR NO SERVUCES FROM A SINGLE PARENT WITH CHILDREN WHO HAVE DISABILITIES THEY DON' T CARE ABOUT THE UPSET THEY CAUSE TO THE FAMILIES WITH THEIR POOR SERVICE AND THEFT OF MONEY...2 members of staff were sooo rude one screamed on the phone to me and when I asked to speak to the manager she Said thanks I will now lose my job! The level of disrespect ive had from them is unbelievable and shocking. Even I have to pay bit extra elsewhere I will for better customer service!Usually theres always just one bad staff but in my case my goodness is constant! 6 people I have been in contact with today , regarding my broadband, I spoke to some one also 2 wks ago and was informed a engineer will be calling to fix the problem , so talk talk has broke there part of the contract by not providing the service stated in my contract , the after care is discusting no caring and inefficient!!DO NOT USE TALK TALK I PROMISE YOU WILL BE DISATIFIED WITH THEIR SERVICES AND LACK OF COMPASSION Opted for a free Mobile sim offer with associated free benefits as a broadband customer.I decided not to set up the account and remained with current mobile provider.

I will never ever use there service again I rather have nothing then use them again I will never turn to talk talk again and I hope one day someone sorts this customer service out and get all staff to do there Job properly I see most of you complaint about your speed well it's not actually talk talk at fault here is the distance from the telephone exchange you live and the quality of your telephone line. Unfortunately I rang a very sarcastic young lady at about 7 last night -I was told on the first Monday that I would not have to carry out the internal line test again however I was told I had to 'do it again' sarcastically by last nights telephonist and again in the same tone of voice she told me -' Make sure your in when the engineer calls right!Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a broadband provider is to read what those who are already customers think of the service they're receiving.Below are all the reviews we've received for Talk Talk.They are getting paid no not do there jobs properly.I have rang loads of times and still after that and still the same problem. Despite admitting I am not getting the service they still refuse any kind of refund.First they fob me off with 'tests on your line', then send a new router...which if anything makes the problem worse. She has an excellent telephone voice and manner and nothing was too much trouble in spite of lots of questions from me . They repeatedly keep you hanging on for hours and then cut you off. Having had very poor internet connection since moving to them I was constantly having to ring up a high premium number to get the problem fixed.But now they claim that's a new problem and the clock is reset. After months of complaint an appointment was made for an engineer to come and check my line.Although the Talk Talk SIM card remains packaged and never installed in a phone I began to receive small charges for texts etc that could never have been sent as the SIM card was never activated.It took approx 5 chat sessions lasting approx 50mins each to finally get the operators to cancel the account and retract the costs.and to top it off this morning they rang to confirm the engineer visit for in 4 days time ...... I wish I could put zero starts because this Wi Fi is horrible. She deserves a medal and a reward for the best customer service I have ever received.An absolute joke and difficult to cancel STAY AWAYWeeks of appalling broadband, so weeks of frustrating contact by chat, phone and email. Every single time I try using the internet it just disconnects. I wouldnt recommend this internet to prisons for the criminals. She clarified everything patiently and so I was clear about what I was getting. I do hope the after sales service lives up to the same high standards This must be the worst company in the country to deal with. They have blocked our supplier access and are hindering our business running. I never leave reviews, but I felt I had to warn people at just how bad a company talktalk is.

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