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She wasn't malicious or badly behaved – she was simply displaying symptoms of the ADHD that she wouldn't figure out she had until she was in her late forties.

When we think of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), the first thing that springs to mind is an image of hyperactive young boys making trouble in a school classroom.

According to medical guidelines, ADHD affects five percent of school-aged children and the male to female ratio in diagnosed ADHD prevalence is at least four to one. School-aged children grow up and turn into adults, and while they sometimes ease, symptoms don't suddenly disappear.

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They are the typical image of a child with ADHD whereas young girls often present their symptoms differently, 'they might present as more daydreamy and in a world of their own, moving in on themselves.

ADHD can affect social interactions as it makes people act without thinking and they're more likely to interrupt conversations and say exactly what they think.

ADHD, if unmanaged can potentially have lasting effects for adults including anxiety, low self-esteem, ruined relationships, even self-harm and criminal behaviour, 'if people aren't diagnosed early, the outcome can be pretty bleak in terms of their ability to form functional relationships with those around them, to remain in stable employment, to stay out of prison,' explains Dr Young.

When businesswoman Sandra Scott was young she was described as a 'lively child'.

She'd been known to cut off her cat's whiskers, slam tweezers into the wall and in secondary school, she spent fifteen weeks in detention for lateness.

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