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The series included the rocky relationship between Alex and Binky after a number of revelations about Alex came to light, The series concluded on 14 September 2014 after 6 episodes.

It was announced on 18 March 2014 that the cast of Made in Chelsea would be travelling to New York City to film a special series of the show.

Filming for the spin-off began in late May 2015 and concluded in late-July.

This is the second spin-off show filmed in America following the NYC special the previous year.

Made In Chelsea's Binky Felstead has revealed the real reason her and former best friend Cheska Hull have grown apart.

Filming for the series took place between January and May 2011, with the first full-length trailer airing 28 April 2011.This is the first series to feature new main cast members Josh Shepherd, and was the only series to include cast members George Amor and Will Colebrook after they did not return for the ninth series.Lauren was introduced as the new girlfriend of already established cast member Spencer Matthews, The ninth series began airing on 13 April 2015 on E4."Binky and I have been through ups and downs over the years and even if she does something wrong, or says she doesn’t want to speak to me, I’ll always be there no matter what. However, Binky does go on to say that things between the two have sorted themselves out."We are friends again and I’ve always loved Cheska, I always will, she’s just a bit of a silly sausage sometimes." Binky's new best friend, Lucy Watson, has divided viewers since joining the show, and has just started dating Spencer Matthews after his break-up with Louise Thompson.This is notably the only series since Series 2 where it wasn't followed by an End of Season reunion show.It is the first to feature new cast members Riley Uggla and Georgia "Toff" Toffolo and the only series to include Riley's friend, Aurelie Mason-Perez and Ed "Fordy" Ford.The series saw the arrival of several new cast members including Andy Jordan, Ashley James, Carly Rothman, Sam Cussins, Sophia Sassoon, the rivalry between Millie and Victoria increasing, the brief reconnection between Gabriella and Ollie, and the rocky relationship between Spencer and Louise until the revelation that he cheated on her.The series concluded on 17 June 2013 after 11 episodes, however an end of season party episode aired on 24 June 2013 which was hosted by Rick Edwards and featured the cast members reuniting to discuss everything from the series.This was the first series to feature new cast members Sam Thompson, Sophie Hermann and was the final series to feature Olivia Newman-Young, Phoebe-Lettice Thompson, and original cast member Francis Boulle.The series featured the love blossoming between Jamie and Lucy despite obstacles in the form of Spencer and Phoebe, The series concluded on 16 June 2014 after 11 episodes.

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