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RPS: A few Quake Cons ago, id pronounced that we’d see Doom 4 soon. Again, I hate to be this guy, but when we can talk about it, we’ll talk about it. RPS: You have a new artist who came over from Pacific Rim, of all things. Trust me: I’ve asked him a lot of questions about hosting Quake Con. RPS: It’s an interesting time to be so high-end tech-focused, given that engines like Unity are swinging things in the complete opposite direction – de-emphasizing top-of-the-line bells and whistles in favor of usability by everyone. And there will always be studios that develop new tech to push things forward.

But the great thing is that we also have studios that can do things with smaller engines and be successful. Technology has always helped that and gotten people to pay attention to something, but at the end of the day, it’s got to be fun. We’ve reached the end of that amusingly frustrating ride.

This tutorial won’t concentrate on the complete development of a chat application. Pre-requisite : You need to know some basic knowledge of MEAN Stack, as we are making use of it to build one.

First, create a directory structure something like this. We’ll be making use of Angular JS 1 for this tutorial.

RPS: Even so, is it a little bit frightening to lose one of your biggest calling cards? I wasn’t expecting to learn a whole lot, but what I got was only slightly better than a whole lot of nothing. Doom 4’s development reset has left id in a weird place, and I don’t imagine we’ll be seeing much of the game for quite some time. Meanwhile, there’s been some high-level changes to the id roster, perhaps out of necessity to inject some new life into a reportedly Call-of-Duty-esque, rather uninspired Doom 4.

Or for it to become significantly less important in the span of just a couple releases from id? As long as the next game we make is great, as long as we can help other Bethesda studios like Machine make something great, I think we’ll be fine. But this one project is all id’s working on – at least, as far as games go. Willits did take every opportunity to stress id’s development of in-house tech for Bethesda, though.

Each document will have the message, sender, receiver, and time.

In this tutorial, I’m going to help you create your own chat application.

You can later integrate as a widget into any project!

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Once again, stars lined the sidelines of Staples Arena to show support for the Los Angeles Sparks against Minnesota.

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