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Bunny, who works for i-D Magazine as a creative director, was hard to miss in his yellow suit with a colourful floral pattern.

When Bob's daughter Peaches tragically passed away from a heroin overdose in April 2014 aged just 25, Bunny famously penned a piece in The Guardian about losing so many of his friends so young.

It covers all models such as the Triumph T21, 3TA, 5TA, Tiger 90, Tiger 100 and the Competition, Police and Military Versions.

You will find detailed information on each model for each year together with sections on Dating, Colour Schemes and Parts.

Additionally there are sections on Triumph History, The Factory Records, Magazine Road Tests and The Works Manual.

Scroll Down Year by Year or use the Tabs above to direct you to the Other Sections.

The then four-year-old was taken in by the father of her three half-sisters and Yates' ex-husband, Irish rock star Bob Geldof.

Three years after Hutchence was found hanged in his room at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Double Bay, Tiger was left an orphan after Yates died of an accidental heroin overdose in her London home.

She said: 'Some cubs develop stripes in their first few months but after six months it's clear that Fareeda is truly one of the rarest of her kind.'When she was born Fareeda had noticeably pale colour it did cause a stir of excitement amongst the staff.'But we knew there was the possibility of the cub's very light black and ginger stripes darkening over time existed.'Most white Bengal tigers are bred in the US from a single male captured in India in the 1950s, but Fareeda is the first to be born in Africa, which is very special.'She has a lovely nature and loves playing with her brothers and sisters, although she has nipped me a few times when she wants a feed.'White tigers are fully grown by the time they are three years old and each has a different pattern of stripes.

This site is designed to assist Buyers, Owners and Restorers in confirming the Specification for the Triumph 350cc and 500cc Machines.

Brother Andrew, 58, went on to recall a past encounter with Tiger and her stepdad Bob Geldof, saying: 'I was very grateful for Bob Geldof to invite me into his home and I sat with Bob and Tiger for a little while and I talked to them.

Michael was found dead in a Sydney hotel room on November 22, 1997.

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