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While there are many features packed into this app, it actually has a very minimal user interface with many of the tools appearing as simple icons.

In the following video, you’ll learn how to navigate around the VSCO app so that you know how to access the shooting, editing and sharing features: Here’s a quick recap of the photo sharing options covered in this video: Remember that to upload your own photos to the VSCO Grid, you’ll need to register with VSCO.

Experiment and try them out to achieve image perfection!

Once you’ve registered, your username will appear at the top of the menu, along with your profile photo if you’ve added one.

While it’s not as popular as Instagram, it’s a great way to connect with other VSCO users and get your i Phone photos noticed.

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To add photos to your VSCO Grid, ensure you’re viewing your profile page, then tap the plus sign ( ) at the top right and select Grid.

To view photos shared by other VSCO users, access the main menu by swiping right, then tap Explore.

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  3. Updating older versions is highly recommended because the most important changes are for hardening security. -- Hans After fighting with a PHP session bug, I've finally been able to add a CAPTCHA to the wiki.