Vista clock not updating

You can replace it, or, alternatively, use internet time instead of local time.Recently i bought a lenovo laptop with windows 7 on it. Once i set proper time, after few days, time will not be in sync. I have seen them last over 9 years on computers that are rarely shut off and never unplugged, but for those that are off and unplugged the motherboard uses a bit of battery each day to keep the settings in your BIOS and your clock.We do not recommend or endorse editing your registry since it can break your operating system, but for hardcore users out there, check out the Tweet below on what you need to do to bring back that old clock look. Hi everyboby me being a bit PC dull maybe asking a silly question ,, I upgraded my PC from XP Pro to Vista Ultimate since doing this my PC clock will not keep the correct time ,, if I shut down and restart the clock displays a different time if I adjust it on the time a date it will still not keep time and the apply tab does not function just the OK ,, If I sync with the internet time same applies the clock will stay correct as with the date and time adjustment until it goes into stand by when I restart the time displayed could be anything so I have to adjust the date/time again that's the gist of it folks anyone know a fix thanks for reading best regards to all ,,,, Tonythat that complex piece of machinery called a PC relies on a little battery to keep the clock working?

We'd appreciate it if you could give this post a like or share it with others.,,, best rtegards Tony I have windows XP laptop and my clock was losing time as well. To fix it we had to go get the real license and such.And after that we had to install the OS just like we do all the time with drivers for the machine that MSFT does not provide. You gotta wonder why some think these pirate copies should work proper.Worth to mention that those methods can also be applied to fix the issue of clock not working on i Pad.Don't Miss: How to Fix i Phone Alarm Not Working Make Sure Your i Phone Is Running The Latest i OS Bugs, especially daylight savings time bugs that would cause i Phone time wrong or i Phone clock not working can all be fixed after an i OS update.I shut down my computer and started it again after 15 minutes but it was again showing the last boot time (15 minutes ago). Reset all time-related settings to default and reboot.I think, something is broken when the laptop shut down due to overheat, as it's not taking into account of the time when it's turned-off. If it doesn't work it's probably the CMOS battery, although that's a bit odd.The computer is running fine now, after reformatting and going back to factory original condition. I was still having some start and freeze problems after reloading, but everything cleared up after changing the CMOS battery. This is preventing me from going forward with a few things. Yesterday, for the first time, my laptop blackened out and I noticed it's base was pretty heated up.I Googled the cause and came to know that some laptop shuts itself down to prevent damage to the hardware due to overheating.

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