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“That’s what we’re trying to get across.” No single attack prompted the Forest Grove School District to monitor students.

Instead, administrators were encountering a succession of situations they didn’t know how to handle, such as unwanted groping.

AP also found that only 18 states required training for teachers, school administrators or students focused on peer-on-peer sexual assaults, leaving many educators to struggle with both how to protect victims and manage the risk of offenders. Education Department and White House encouraged K-12 schools to take similar steps, but that was only a recommendation.

There also is no K-12 equivalent to the federal law that requires colleges to track student sexual assaults, provide services to victims and devise prevention programs. To fill the void, technology companies have joined school districts, students and parents in trying novel approaches to curtail student-on-student attacks.

The model works because it seamlessly integrates agencies, organizations and resources outside of school, said Mario Scalora, a psychology professor at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, who specializes in threat assessment and targeted violence.

The concept is to protect student welfare, but reducing legal exposure is another motivation.

Sexual Incident Response Committee members meet at Forest Grove School District headquarters in Forest Grove, Ore., on May 4, 2017.

The group meets regularly to discuss more serious sexual incident cases they are monitoring as part of the SIRC program for the school district.

In Kentucky, an organization known as Green Dot has been preaching an intolerance for violence using positive peer pressure, in much the same way that designated driver campaigns focus not on blame but rather on safe solutions.

If school officials do nothing after learning of an assault — even one that occurs off-campus — and the student in question later attacks someone else, that has the makings of a devastating lawsuit.

The program not only helps victims but also counsels students who are sexually aggressive, in hopes of reforming them.

Forest Grove’s program just got off the ground in January, but a much larger Oregon district pioneered the approach years ago and has come to see it as indispensable.

The Salem-Keizer School District developed the sexual incident committee model in 2009, basing the approach on its own leading system for spotting school shooters.

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