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With i OS 10 and certain third-party camera apps the new i Phone can now finally save Raw files as well.As you can see, there are a lot of new camera features to explore on the new i Phone 7 Plus and we have done exactly that. I've seen some new video test of i Phone X and i Phone 8, and... This is one of my last efforts with i Phone 7 Plus: https://

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You've just said you don't like it, you find it a gimmick. I think Apple more than ever these days seems like a greedy corporation - I'm not suspending judgement. Pity the IQ is pretty poor compared to other flagships... So you need to dig into the menu to select the color standard you need to see, and you have to do that constantly, if you view content with differing color standards. Working in Photoshop or Lightroom Mobile will use the DCI-P3 standard on i OS, but not on Android.Otherwise, it should do a great job recording the level number at the airport parking lot so I don't have to remember where I parked....wait, my 6 already does that really well. Caption on one of the speakers states that the stereo speakers are on the bottom. The added stereo speaker is next to the ear speaker.The holes opposite the speaker on the bottom is where the barometric sensor is. Using the two phone I took more than 30,000 pictures.I think at modest sizes it would fool most people [if they have any awareness at all of Do F] that images were indeed captured by a large aperture/large sensor combo in some circumstances. But obviously I'm not going to convince you and your forensic analysis: [please, ha ha ha] of something so mundane as facts in our post-truth era. Other Apple devices and computers can also display it.I'm a long time Apple user [my job has more or less necessitated that], but people who bandy around the term 'fanboy' are usually just antipodal to the slavishly drooling adherents of any particular brand. Thankyou - the key thing you say there is 'justify'. The last thing which really needed to be mentioned, though the reviewer probably doesn't understand it, is that i OS is fully color managed, as is Mac OS.I have done some hard researching and I finally found Display Mate for the answer: Why have a P3 wide gamut if the display is only 8-bit panel (24bit)?While you can extol all you want about reds and greens will be deeper, if you can only use 12 crayons at one time from a maximum box of 96 crayons..you're limited in gradation.At F1.8 the six-element lens in the wide-angle camera comes with a faster aperture than the 6s Plus and optical image stabilization is on board as well.The 56mm 'tele'-lens has to make do without stabilization though, and uses a slower F2.8 aperture.Today, you really have no excuse not to take your photography (and your career) to the next level, and it can be accomplished with your Phone!!! Our phones take incredible photos and video, and are always with us, and we have access to seemingly unlimited creative and filter apps, connected to the web, and all this, in our pocket and with us all the time. When it comes to the i Phone7 sensor, it means very, VERY little. But the depth effect in terms of the aesthetic quality is, considering its limitations, very good. It's not perfect but you'd be amazed how well it works. Actually they have been copying from google photos app. These features existed for years before they came in i Photos. The other thing not mentioned in the review is that the camera can take pictures in the wide band DCI-P3 standard that, so far at least, no other smartphone, or even DSLR, can.While you spend your time here complaining on these forums, people younger than you are signing deals with major brands based on their Instagram portfolio shot entirely on their phones. It doesn't simply take the subject and blur everything else; It actually somehow measure depth and applies blur progressively as you'd get with 'proper' lens blur. It is also the only smartphone that can display that P3 color gamut.

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