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And they often insist that this proves Oxford could not be the author.But the De Vere Society’s excellent book reveals persuasively that the orthodox chronology is built on a shaky foundation of conjecture and surmise.To order, please visit the DVS Publications page Synopsis Download as pdf When did Shakespeare write his plays ?There is, apparently, a scholarly consensus about the order and dates of Shakespeare’s plays.We also know about the publication dates of source materials used in many of the plays themselves.But pin-pointing the actual dates of composition is virtually impossible.

Indeed, orthodox scholars often insist, without conclusive evidence, that several plays were composed by Shakespeare AFTER 1604.

We can’t even date any play to any period shorter than five years.

Here are a few examples: is normally assigned to the year 1606, the time of the trial of the Gunpowder plotters, due to the references to equivocation; yet equivocation was used in political trials as early as 1581.

As scholar after scholar has said, the evidence to fix a precise date on any particular play is simply lacking.

This question is crucial to any biography of Shakespeare.

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