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Chattie sits cross-legged, positioned just off centre to the right of the painting in a simple chair.She rests her hands in her lap and gazes ever so slightly towards her left.Dating from the early 1940s, this oil on canvas painting by Vanessa Bell depicts her friend, the actress Chattie Salaman who was part of the Guinness acting dynasty, dressed as a nurse.Chattie Salaman was a close family friend of the Bells, and Vanessa depicted her on a number of occasions, including a full length portrait from 1942 by Vanessa Bell and two further portraits of her in the same year by Duncan Grant.Macias, 36, was a courtside presence for the Spurs during Duncan’s last few seasons with the team.They have been dating since 2013, after Duncan’s divorce from Amy Sherrill was finalized that year.

In The Nurse, Bell focuses on Chattie's English-rose beauty, her rosy cheeks and plump lips, the red hair visible beneath the nurse's cap.However, it is against the NBA rules for a player to bet on basketball, notes NBC Sports.Of course, the three-point shot didn’t really make a huge impact on the game.The portrait was painted at Charleston, probably in Bell's downstairs studio.A full-length red curtain has been hastily pulled behind the seated Chattie.She posted several photos of the dog on the social network and retweeted other users who told everyone that Duncan’s dog was missing. We’ve been searching for Izzy for 15 hours straight.She is microchipped, about 70 lbs, skittish,” she wrote.Highly evocative photographs exist in the Charleston archives of her and Angelica Bell dressed up in full costume and in position for the Berwick Church murals.In this painting, Chattie Salaman is dressed as a nurse, with white shirt, white nurse's cap and a white apron over a blue smock - whether this is a costume or she was perhaps working as a nurse during WWII is unknown.Bell is also interested in the folds and ruffles of her white apron, the different colours visible due to the play of light and shadow in an ostensibly white item of clothing.Various shades of pink, blue, grey, yellow and green are all visible.

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