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When Sharon replied that she was not there, he said, "."Scott stated that when he left that morning, Laci was planning to buy groceries for their Christmas get-together and walk Mc Kenzie in nearby East La Loma Park.

Scott said he last saw Laci mopping, and he also told Sharon Rocha that Laci was curling her hair before he left for his fishing trip. A search of the park and surrounding areas immediately ensued.

"They now have to step up and if that person is not emotionally balanced, this kind of situation pushes them over the edge." Prosecutors are determining whether or not to charge Tessier in the death of his unborn baby. He is currently on death row at San Quentin State Prison.

Many remember Laci Peterson and her husband Scott Peterson, who was convicted in killing his wife and unborn son, Conner.

OK, maybe I'm a tad biased against this nut-job, because I remember all of this, but to be fair, allow me to try and paint the picture a little more fully.

In short, a no good dirty rotten piece of human garbage known as Scott Peterson killed his very pregnant expecting any day wife Laci Peterson so he could be free, get paid and bang other women.

At a press conference, detective Al Brocchini said, "."A ,000 reward was offered, later increased to 0,000, and finally to 0,000 for any information leading to her safe return.

Who does all this except someone who's planning to flee?

Tyler Tessier was all broken up at an emotional press conference four days ago in Maryland, but cops now believe he is the killer, and his tears were all an act.

Police, family members, friends, and neighbors searched widely on foot, in ATV's, patrol cars, SUV's, helicopters equipped with search lights and heat sensors, water rescue units, search dogs, and horseback teams.

Law enforcement agencies from several counties became involved.

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