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Seemingly innocuous customer information obtained from consumers can often be combined with data available from other sources to obtain a surprisingly detailed portrait of an individual customer.

In this guide, we'll explain some of the ways that retailers track shoppers, and how you can protect yourself from such tracking.

Unfortunately, the Master Card and Visa rules are often ignored by retailers.

If you feel strongly about not showing identification as a condition of using your Visa or Master Card credit card, you may wish to print out a copy of the relevant merchant rule (from the links cited above) and ask to speak to a store manager. While return policies vary from one retailer to another, many retailers require you to present a driver's license (or government-issued ID) when you return or exchange merchandise.

As customers return merchandise, TRE compares variables such as return frequency, dollar amounts and/or time against a set of rules that form the retailer’s return policy.

TRE states that it does not share its data among retailers.

Many merchants are unaware of this rule or simply choose to ignore it.

Be aware that identification may be required for purposes other than the credit card transaction, for example, when purchasing alcohol, tobacco products, or certain medications.

In other words, you can refuse to provide identification, and the merchant still must accept your credit card.

But others want to protect their privacy and personal security by not revealing their address, birth date, and other information contained on their driver’s license to a stranger.

A Merchant may request but must not require a Cardholder to provide additional identification information as a condition of Card acceptance, unless such information is required to complete the Transaction, such as for shipping purposes, or the Standards specifically permit or require such information to be collected.

Identification may also be required for unusual transactions flagged during the authorization process.

Some shoppers feel that asking for ID helps protect them from identity theft.

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