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Ballyvourney is the scene of a 'pattern' still performed, and St Gobnait, a virgin whose emblem is the fertility symbol of the bee, is credited with the cure of the sick.(A legend connected with St Gobnait has given the name to the townland of Lackavihoonig: the flagstone of the thief.But these stones may be fallen corbels, and its orientation to the E would be unique among the 400 known wedge-tombs, and so most authorities regard it as a portal-tomb.Its features suggest, however, that it is a hybrid structure, and of course there must have been much interpenetration and influence between the different (or not-so-different) cults and world-views that we assume the different monuments represent.~ 10 km NNE on open moorland in Dunbeacon (V 927 393) is a circle of 6 stones still standing (at odd angles) and 5 prostrate, including one at the centre.

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In the graveyard across the road is "St Gobnait's Grave": a small mound with 3 bullaun stones and the abandoned crutches and offerings of hopeful pilgrims.

It has two overlapping capstones above a narrow chamber which is almost blocked by a tall doorstone. Excavations in 1989 showed that the tomb had continuous activity surrounding it from around 2000 BCE to 1400 AD! map shows it in the wrong place: it is actually in the garden of the pub to the east of the road junction.~ 7 km NE in Rathcoole (V 940 333) is an overgrown male/female pair of stones standing in their own little field.

Remnants of its cairn survive.~ 1.6 km WSW and 20 metres to the W of the same road, where it meets Toormore Bay, in Altar (V 858 303) is a Wedge-tomb one of whose two capstones has slipped and is now leaning against the front (W) end of the tomb - which points directly towards Mizen Head. Somewhat sterilely furnished with its own car-park and information board, the structure has undergone some renovation, but the concrete that now holds up the walls is well hidden.rickety walls. Five separate 'depositional events' occurred between 18 BCE, soon after the construction of the monument. They are aligned north-south, with the male (more pointed and slightly taller) stone at the north around 1.5 metres high.

The axis from these to the large axial-stone on the W side points to sunset at the equinoxes., resembling a low, miniature dolmen whose large capstone has seven or more small cup-marks on its upper surface.

Two of the three small supporting stones are of quartz; a fourth has been uprooted. The complex, which included a rectangular wooden house (excavated) was revealed to be of Bronze Age date, as might be expected.~ 800 metres SW and 1.5 km) E of Rosscarbery, a short distance W of a by-road in Burgatia (W 303 355), is another boulder-burial, comprising a large boulder resting on the inner edges of 2 flat-topped blocks, one of which is a quartz conglomerate.

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