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XChat and m IRC are among the most widely used stand-alone clients. Instructions for acquiring one are on the main page of our web site. • Rules: • Stats: • Our Chats (Fur Net, Discord, Telegram): • Support: • Today is Feb 26 2018 • Happy National Pistachio Day! | Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic. Pm mod to receive v Welcome to #freedom ~ Please read our rules https://furryfreedom.chat/rules | Check out our website https://~ Our latest blog post https://furryfreedom.chat/happy-holidays/ | Meet up with us on Telegram and Discord https://furryfreedom.chat/connect/telegram-discord#sluts Welcome to the only diner where bearded clams are always on the menu! If you already have a registered nickname, you may enter its password in the "Password" field of the login boxes. Anthro Chat's official help channel | Most questions and their answers are on the main page of our web site ( ). https://checkiday.com/02/26/2018Relax, kick back, and enjoy the nice lounge room

I just wanted to go back to my RPing roots and hang with others like me.Maybe it can be a steam/cyberpunk thing, though, I don't feel like going by the rules for some reason... Furries have a natural talent for being fucked up individuals, but the few of us who are sane (read: not as perverted)--well, we're pretty spiffy. Em, for some reason I've been hellbent on setting an anthro roleplay in London.Still, I said I'd be open, so what were you thinking? In a nutshell, we're people who love the shit out of talking animals. Sometimes, we develop "fursonas," which are essentially furred personas of ourseleves. I've been working at the food chain concept on and off for a few years, and I'm afraid it may turn out too complicated for its own good. It's just so grimey, but player-made settings would work just as fine. Obviously, it's been a while since the idea crossed my mind, so forgive me if it comes across as a little rusty. It has five fingers on most occasions, and five toes on both feet. Like perhaps the anthros/furries were the result of some science experiment.It is known to be cumbersome to use in comparison with most other clients, but has the added benefit of allowing you to chat regardless of some firewall configurations that may explicitly block IRC traffic.The second login box utilizes PJIRC, a Java based client that is akin to downloading a stand-alone client and runs from your computer without going through any software installation process.After selecting the amount you want to donate from the menu, you can continue by clicking on Pay Pal logo. If you are not familiar with them, this quick guide will be of great use to you.I've just been unsure about whether I'd be the one to make a thread about it.x D In terms of setting, I was thinking of something modern, set in our world, but revolved around a kind of backwards society that drew its rules from the traditional food chain. (PM a mod for voice if needed) Please check out the channel description and rules here: ERj Qi | News: We're now accepting Apple Pay and Android Pay NFC payments! m mode enabled due to spammers (PM a mod for Voice) We have couches, but be prepared to be glomped, hugged, nuzzled, cuddled and snuggled lots! please be patient ^^ your voice will be restored and if Xoa returns he will get back his channel ^_^ Stay tuned for more info...

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