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“Don't worry if you continue to be more [talkative] than him as you develop your relationship,” she says.“Complementary personalities can be a great match.” If you have difficulty being outgoing as well, Greif assures collegiettes that that’s totally normal. “People who are getting to know each other may not know how much silence to allow [because] silence can be uncomfortable if it goes on for too long...I will also talk to you about how to reverse negativity and how to keep it out of your head and life.My report also comes with it’s audio book so you can listen and learn while driving to work ,riding public transport or even working out.This is why I developed “The Shy Guys Guide” to help guys like us get over that nervous feeling that we get when it comes to approaching women.You don’t have to waste your life away sitting at home or feeling embarrassed anymore.Greif cautions collegiettes not to get involved in activities that only he likes; he says, “You have to like them too.Finding mutually enjoyable things to do is one way to get to know someone.” Waldon agrees and suggests that you “invite him to a social service or volunteering event that you enjoy— this is something important and meaningful to do and it will give you something to discuss, too.” When your guy is comfortable in his environment or sees you comfortable in yours, the interaction between the two of you will come naturally and easily.

She assures collegiettes: “Many men are more comfortable side-to-side with another person than facing the other person directly,” she says.Whether this means initiating eye contact, a conversation or a date, all of our experts stressed the importance of taking that first step.When you spot a cute guy across the room and think he might shy, Ahluwalia advises collegiettes to give their shy guy a “green light” by smiling or holding eye contact for a few seconds.I will teach you about women and what they really think which may totally surprise you and have you laughing at how afraid you used to be of them.I will teach you how to build your confidence up quickly that will get you out there approaching girls left and right.Greif says that another great way to get to know a shy guy is to participate in activities that interest you both.“See what the commonalities are between you and the guy,” he says.He adds that young women need to “understand that some shyness is embedded in the guy... certain situations or groups.” No matter the reason behind your guy’s shyness, our love experts can help you figure out how to make him yours!How to Get His Attention Greif, Jasbina Ahluwalia, founder and CEO of successful matchmaking service Intersections Match, and psychotherapist Mary Waldon all agree that the number one tip for trying to date a shy guy is to take initiative!I will then show you how to destroy the power these fear phrases have over your happiness and get you out there dating as soon as possible.I will take each phrase apart and show you how to overcome them within minutes.

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