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You went in under false pretense -- breaking the law, in fact.What did it feel like to be constantly worried about getting caught?They want a separation of religion from politics and an end to the Islamic republic.I realized that this was a huge story, and almost nobody was telling it.

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I have worked in the Balkans, the former Soviet Union, Afghanistan, China and all over Africa.and delicious dates." It's really difficult, you can't have normal conversations, in situations like this. When I heard men talking outside my hotel room, I became convinced they were going to charge through my door and arrest me. But then there were the more mysterious encounters. I knew people were going through my room -- my socks would be stuffed in the wrong drawer, my head scarves not folded back properly and put back in their original position, or my knapsack zipped up the wrong way.If I saw a policeman outside my hotel, I was convinced he was coming to charge me with spying. Outside a teahouse in Shiraz, I was approached by a young lady who told me her name was Fatima, who asked if she could walk with me and practice her English. She was wearing the traditional head-to-toe chador, which fewer young women are seen wearing these days. My tour guide, who was a nice guy basically, started to notice that I'd leave the hotel in the evenings after our group went to bed and began asking me awkward questions.I have been shot at while traveling with local militias and even humanitarian aid convoys.I remember one day, lying in a ditch, thinking to myself "Why am I out here doing this?I am no stranger to working in hostile environments.I've been arrested several times before and deported from countries for covering human rights stories around the globe.She spoke by telephone with FRONTLINE/World editor Sara Miles about working undercover in Iran.You have a background in international news, but you were in northern England working on an observational police series for BBC One right before you went to Iran. I got this call out of the blue asking if I would be interested in going to Iran -- while I was filming in the back of a police vehicle going 130 miles per hour in pursuit of an alleged big-time heroin dealer.Still my tour guide tracked down the phone numbers of two of my interviewees and called them after I left. Everyone would sit together, with headphones on, downloading Western music.He must have been downloading my emails that came to me from London and figured out what was going on. The youth of Iran can email their friends all around the world.

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