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I know my books are "pirated" by illegal downloaders.

This isn't going to stop pirates; they don't use or need domain names they'll use rotating IP, anyway, and go off shore.

Forgery is either creating false documents, or materially altering real ones with the purpose of defrauding someone of some benefit.

Here is the link: can find other fun stuff here, like: Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi / Muslim “Plant” in the White House?

For people who are interested in all the imaging aspects of the birth certificate question, Mr.

This is a word play on the dragon Image ( Puff, the Magic Dragon?

Another link: - Woman at Langwater Farms sex tape w4m hey.

Anyway, I still like how it smells and everything, it's just more important I feel good than have it.

Rather than going straight to the “phony birth certificate” story, I hit the second link, which takes you to an October 27, 2008 article at rhe site.

It’s like somebody who went on a “Snipe Hunt” and is still holding a bag out there in the woods four days later.

Their whole investigation was a farce from the get-go.

Some Good Samaritan has to tell them it was all a practical joke before they die of exposure.

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