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• H, D * aw Ms®^ 4K«[thfi C»- Circle 334 on Rapid Reply Click here to view new issue DIM AUK S BORKli Y MODEL »«» The Borkey model 989 Top-Cut machine is avail- able through Di Mark International.

Push-type 'on' and 'off switches on top of the machine control power to the machine and the light.

The construction of the Borkey 989 Top-Cut is all steel, weighing forty- four pounds.

The machine comes with a 3mm cutter, which is used for most of the high-security keys.

Also includ- ed is a 2.5mm cutter and guide for doing the Lexus key, which is cut up the center and a cutter, and guide for drilled keys.

The jaws are synchronized to rotate up to 45 degrees when cutting drilled keys that require the cuts to be on an angle.Easy to Update M li I L i - uilm Ikl cllr I li f h Ili Ul\ mean no computer is needed. W£| Touch Screen Compuleri/luueh- aclivated screen loaded with easy tu Tei IIeiw text and graphics. 123SHARK Circle 330 on Rapid Reply II * 1 1 PC, Inc. W*HJ\, 2*1 h \venue Schilk-r Piir ML 611176 USA Tel: H4T.67l.62S0 ftrc;j UT, OT| r tttt wwtv.hpctt Click here to view new issue On The Cover.Added Convenience Loaded whh many Tenures lo make each job easier. The Natior Loeksm L ana Dynamite * Duplicators * *? ;'$ In the world of high security key duplicators and unique duplicating code machines, HPC, Di Mark International, Framon, Kaba llco, and Bianchi are the ones to see. High Security Duplicating Machines Meeting the demands of duplicating the most extreme keys.Your local Allstate agent can provide your business and employees with Ihe protection they need H so you can spend less time talking about your business and more time running it.Call 1 ^600-859-0247 and see what the Good Hands * can do for you. k here to view new issue F^Jff Srai™ lllllliillllliiillllliilllllii t»l IKii t Il1liii»l11iii»ll1 til tlllt t ifill M l I Am A Locksmith (Originally Published in February 1993) y e Deluxe Opener Set a r\J (CO -601 Caddy Killer " Universal Air Wedge'" HPC, Inc. 25th Avenue ■ Schiller Park, IL 60176 USA Click here to view new issue ■0d&L..The guide can be operated in the spring-loaded mode as with drilled keys or it can be operated in a fixed plane as for the 2- and 4-track car keys.The spring- loaded mode allows the guide to index the sample key before the cutter contacts the key blank.Subscriptions .00 per year in the USA: .00 per year in Canada; .00 in all other countries. Postmaster, please send change of address to National Publishing Co., 1533 Burgundy Parkway, Streamwood, Illinois 60107-1861. 52 Ingersoll-Rand, Part 6 Installing the LCN 4041 Closer from Ingersoll-Rand.I Ml* 121 The National Visit us online for technical forums, chat, online store plus visit our sponsors.CONTENTS The National Locksmith® February 2004 • vol. h Tec S^ sfaft »»Sh 68 Fire King Insulated Filing Cabinet An easy fix for a common problem. » ff^ RPA ^^^% wl mj O in #rf£MBEfc^ 111^ INTERNATIONAL (630) 837-2044 • Fax: (630) 837-1210 E-Mail: [email protected] us on the World-Wide Web: 30 2001 Honda Civic, Part 2 Trunk Lock, trunk release and programming procedures. Publisher Marc Goldberg Editor Greg Mango Art Director Jim Darow Technical Editor Jake Jakubuwski Senior Writers Sal Dulcamaro CML, Michael Hyde, Dale Libby CMS, Dave Mc Omie, Sara Probasco, Robert Sieveking Contributing Writers John Blankenship, Tony Blass, Ron & Chris Curry, Mark Daniel, Richard Allen Dickey, Ken Holmlund, Tom Lynch, Tom Mazzone, Randy Mize, Tom Seroogy, Steve Young Director of Sales & Marketing Jeff Adair Advertising Account Manager. The National 40 Safe Tools New tools for the safe technician f ft^BS 113 Work Wear Make a memorable first impression.

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