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Romania's rivers are mainly tributaries of the Danube.Danube (1,075 km), Mures (768 km) runs westward between the Transylvanian Alps and the Bihor Mountains, Olt (736 km) forms a wide valley in the mountains before reaching the Wallachian Plain, Prut (716 km) which forms Romania's border with Moldova meets the Danube River just west of the Danube Delta, Siret (596 km) and Bistrita (290 km) rivers are the major waterways in Moldavia, Ialomita (410 km) and Arges (344 km) rivers cross eastern Wallachia near Bucharest.Uncontrolled and/or non-existent waste storage is one of Romania's greatest environmental problems.Air pollution exceeds maximum allowable levels more than 50% of the time in 11 of Romania's 41 counties, and nitrate levels exceed safety levels in 14 counties' water supply.After the revolution, a new Ministry of Waters, Woods and Environment Protection was created, with the aim of reducing polluation by 20% by 1995, and bringing it down to European levels by 2000.An ordonance on atmospheric polluation was passed in 1993 and a new environment low in 1995 created Environment Protection Agency in each of the Romania's counties, responsible for polluation monitoring and permits.Other Romania's rivers are: Somes (388 km), Jiu (331 km), Buzau (324 km), Timis (242 km), Jijia (307 km), Barlad (289 km), Dambovita (268 km), Bega (180 km), Tarnava Mare (246 km), Crisul Alb (240 km), Vedea (238 km), Moldova (237 km), Barlad (207 km), Tarnava Mica (196 km), Prahova (193 km), Neajlov (186 km), Oltet (185km), Somesul Mic(186 km), Suceava (178 km) and Aries (166 km).

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Join us and contact hundreds of thousands of members now! temperate-continental; ranges between hot summers and very cold winters with lots of snow from mid December until the end of March.Romania's average annual temperature is 11C (52F) in the south and on the coast, 2C (36F) in the mountains.Dobrojea is Romania's warmest and driest region, with less than 15 inches of annual rainfall. Moldoveanu at 2544 m, 8346 ft) cross Romania from the north to the southwest.The Carpatians were glaciated and in Fagaras and Retezat Mountains are glacial lakes and mass of rock created when the ice melted circa 10,000 years ago.Dobrogea region is separated from the rest of Romania by the Danube on its final northern fling to the sea; it is divided in two parts by a low, stegasaurean spine of hills, which are older than the Carpatians, and the Romania passed environment protection lows in 1967, 19, and a National Council for the Protection of the Environment was created in 1975.Water quality has been monitored since 1960, and air quality since 1973.The mild, sunny days of autumn linger from early September until late October.Spring starts in mid March in most of Romania's regions, April in the mountains and in the north part of the country.In the 1970s, a new dam raised the Danube's level and eased navigation through the Iron Gates.The river has become an important source of hydroelectric power and of irrigation water for farming.

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