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You are a stalker who, having killed the woman of his obsessions, is granted the power to freeze and rewind time.Returning to the scene of the crime, you manipulate the events leading up to the murder to prevent yourself from carrying it out.By clicking on or navigating the site, you agree to allow us to collect information on and off Facebook through cookies.Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy.There are highs and lows – while the game's hand-drawn artwork can be ropey, there's some accomplished spritecraft on display and the soundtrack is punchy without becoming overbearing. If you're looking to sink a few hours into honing a squad, rooting out hidden areas and working on your boss strategies, this is your game.Remember those logic puzzles that used to crop up from time to time in RPGs?The game takes place entirely in a small single-screen apartment, with usable items highlighted during pauses.Figuring out whether to turn off the lights, knock over a chair, or open a door in a given circumstance is more often than not a matter of trial and error, but there's a tangible sense of causality between your actions and their consequences and a few deft pieces of puzzle design.

In some ways the most innovative game on this list, it's a shame there's not more to it: that said, we're not sure how much more we really want to see.

The “one-of-these-people-is-a-liar” sequences which only someone with Roaming Protagonist Powers could hope to solve? Except it's nothing that, and rather than providing an opportunity to demonstrate your tremendous INT score, Mc Logic is perfectly happy to pummel you into submission faster than you can say “IF feeling like an idiot is fun, THEN you will thoroughly enjoy this game.”The game challenges you to solve a set number of randomly-generated problems within each of ten scenarios, ramping up the difficulty as you go.

You're being timed, but for the majority of players simply achieving the requisite amount of successes will be challenge enough.

One of the most celebrated games on the network, Alter A. Genesis builds upon the existing RPG Maker 2003 combat system, adding an extensive resistance/damage-type system along with a escalating series of EX attacks and 'Field Effects' (environmental conditions) – all of which must be taken into account when building a team.

A Genesis is a side-scrolling cyberpunk epic offering a thorough reworking of traditional JRPG gameplay.

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