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Andrei and Pierre are few people in the novel who are given to deliberating on their actions and who find themselves in a serious frame of mind until it comes to embarking on a journey or altering the mode of their life. Others, especially the women, are left to the mercy of their milieu, who inevitably find themselves conforming to the fate which deprive them of all power of thought and free will.

Sonya can live only in the thought of her loved one, who is away at military service and later falls in love with someone capable of turning the fortune of his family around.

Napoleon’s invasion of Russia forms the backdrop of the novel.

These characters, who are left at the mercy of their fate and the capricious climate of war, ineluctably move in the strange delirium of war and its chaos, which constitutes a foil for their personal drama.

He merely acknowledges to the fact that men always did and always will err, and in nothing more than in what they regard as right or wrong.

They simply act in accordance with their natural dispositions, habits, circumstances, values, and aims; moved by fear and vanity, and supposed that they know what they are doing and do it of their own free will.

Free will conforms to the demand of social actions.

It’s the fear of not being able to summon the courage to withstand spectacle of war’s unfortunate circumstances. At the center of war are two men who with an unremitting passion strive to make inquiry to the depth of humanity.

He is always occupied with the single thought of atoning for his wrong.

It is not until the incessant mourning and the deprivation of love does it dawn on him that he is capable of emotion and love.

Maria Bolkonsky exhausts the best years of her life bearing family’s burden.

The thought of being happy in the happiness of others provides the solace to her.

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