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I couldn't get in to do my laundry until all the campers where gone. Unfortunately I noticed that Lacey must have been running low on her undies too because I could see her perky nipples plain as day through her white shirt.

I felt like she had taken notice of me staring at her all week long because occasionally she would stand in front of me and stretch her hands in the air given me a good look at the curve at the bottom of her lovely breast. Once she bent over given me a good look at her pink thong.

It was the summer of 1999 and I was a camp counselor at a local Y club.

This particular summer we had a lot more girls signed up than boys.

I couldn't wait to see her nipples outside her short so I quickly lifted that tiny white shirt over her head. I played with them for a few minutes before I leaned down and took one of them into my mouth.

\At this point she unbuttoned my shorts and let them slide down to the floor. She took the tip of her tongue and flicked the head of my cock licking my piss whole. " "I've fooled around before, and I've done oral, but I've never gone all the way before" she explained. I bet it will slide right in" She said seductively as she rubbed her clit under her thong.

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Matez tous ces mecs ultra sexy en train de se tripoter la queue, de se branler comme des fous.

Most of these girls where hot, and the summer heat made them even hotter.

I took notice of how the sweat would bead on their tan bodies as they played their activities.

That night when all the campers where in bed I got a knock on my cabin door.

"Lacey, you are suppose to be in your cabin." I exclaimed hesitantly. Jones, it is soooo hot in there, and I can't sleep." she replied as she made her way in my door.

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