The infrared wireless port when updating a

For greater distance, off-the shelf Gbit Ethernet media converters are supported.Multimode fiber can run up to 2 kilometers, and singlemode fiber can run up to 12 I/O, Dante, and logic expansion devices, wall sensors, ambient sensing mics, and an advanced Paging Station (P3 Pager coming soon! Control HAL functions from a web browser in any smartphone, computer or tablet – including i Pads, i Phones, Androids, etc.In addition, the HAL Multiprocessor and Halogen™ software check the status, location, CAT5 wiring integrity, and that audio is flowing in all peripheral devices, so you know your system is properly connected and ready to go.Does your DSP troubleshoot the cable install for you and offer a “Get on the Plane” indicator that shows you that the installers have truly finished their job? Halogen software includes Ethernet control support for third-party control systems such as AMX®, Crestron® and Stardraw Control™, including well-documented examples.

It has revolutionized system design and installation. The RAD26 is a volume control and source selector with a color LCD, audio in and out, logic in and out, a small stereo amplifier, and many control options in Halogen. Digital Remotes simplify end user control and eliminate installer brain fatigue.HAL easily guides even novice users through what used to be complex tasks in just minutes.No intricate matrix mixing or presets are required for room combining and multi-zone paging.Without IP anything, without DHCP servers, without unblocking ports, without firmware mismatches, without hours (or days?) of bad cable termination or swapped cable-pull troubleshooting, and other troubles caused by Ethernet and other supposedly modern digital audio and control transports.No redundant wiring is required to route paging and background music to multiple, even hundreds of zones.Paging Manager and Distributed Program Bus greatly simplify wiring by use of invisible bus connections automatically included in Zone Processors, Paging Zones and Emergency Paging Zones.HAL1x supports 16 in x 16 out audio, which may be increased up to 512 in x 512 out by adding up to 32 daisy-chained Expanders to a single HAL1x. Use Digital Remotes for volume control, preset recall, source selection, or resetting or toggling system states.Add a few to hundreds of more mic inputs with AM Automixers. The DR1, DR2, DR3, and DR6 offer customizable backlit LCD screens for intuitive end user labeling.Since the same Halogen software code runs on both Windows® and within HAL hardware, third-party control developers can test all their code using only the Halogen Windows software.Use only software for complete system design and validation.

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