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Das Kennenlernen im Internet ist bei Schwulen und Lesben längst etabliert.Die Online Partnersuche sorgte bei etlichen Gay-Kneipen sogar für spürbare Umsatzeinbrüche.…Read more If you are looking for a more relaxed alternative to Pattaya without giving up all the nightlife, then you will probably find your dream holiday destination in neighboring Jomtien.It would be not fair to call Jomtien the “little brother” of Pattaya – the beach and total size of this town is more than 3 times …Read more Koh Phangan to Koh Tao is one of the most traveled ferry routes in all of Thailand.Dennoch gibt es gute Noten für die App, vor allem für den User-Radar und die Standort-Bestimmung via GPS.Die Mitglieder auf dieser Plattform sind überwiegend SEHR aufgeschlossen, aber lesen sie doch einfach selbst: , besteht schon seit 2001 und wurde vor einigen Jahren einer ordentlichen multimedialen sowie optischen Komplettrenovierung unterzogen: Videos & Bilderwelten à la "You Tube" stehen nun auf der Website als auch via App ganz klar im Mittelpunkt.Die großen Dating-Portale für Bei geht es im Gegensatz zu vielen Gay-Dating-Portalen wie Planet Romeo & Co.

Jomtien is by far the most popular alternative to Pattaya, this beach is more than 3 times as long and it’s really booming with many bars, restaurants and hotels popping up there every year.It’s marketed as the number one diving spot in Thailand by the southern Thais, and therefore every year thousands of travelers from all over the world come here to do their PADI (the worldwide most widely recognized scuba diving license).Then there’s a huge …Read more The problem with the nightlife on Koh Tao is that there are too many fat and ugly Farang girls, and not that many attractive and easy-going Thai girls.Videli smo prelepe, šljašteće i trendi modne kreacije, ali i modne kreacije koje se mogu svakodnevno nositi.Glamurozna šminka se uklapala sa egzotičnim frizurama.Die Authentifizierung via Handy schützt alle lesarion-Userinnen vor Fakes und Spammern.Über "Groups" bilden die Mitglieder virtuelle Gemeinschaften - ebenfalls ein vielgenutztes Feature der Seite!I have already told you my opinion about it in my nightlife guide – I don’t like it and that’s because there are mostly young and drunk Farang boys and girls, and only few Thai girls you can …Read more The nightlife on Koh Phangan is very different to its big neighbor Koh Samui: Less Thai girls and less girly bars, but more backpackers and more beach bars.The island is mainly known for the full moon party, that’s when thousands of young Farang boys and girls get drunk and crazy on Haad Rin.Now, Thailand is obviously still by far the number one when it comes to sex tourism, but the Philippines is getting more and more popular among single guys.So if you are just planning your first trip to Southeast …Read more If you are looking for some fun with the girls in Pattaya, you don’t always need to go to the beer bars, go go bars, or massage parlors, and pay expensive prices for all sorts of things from drinks, lady drinks, bar fines and the actual sex price.

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