Dating my bc rich guitar

Hi, Just a wee bit of background about myself I am 29, and have been playing guitar/bass for 15 years . They beat every competitor in every dep., build quality, sound, variety of woods, pickups etc, support was fantastic and so on. Related News: The Best Heavy Metal Guitars - includes the B. The bridge hardware and body colour is black w/2 single coils, the tuning keys are black and the headstock is printed with BC RICH and nothing else. The reverse serial plate has 'Made in California USA' plus the serial number (which I forgot to note before I left interstate). Anyone have any idea what it could be worth Hey all i got a BC Rich Gunslinger, six string and its all black , platinum series, got cut outs for a flyodd rose trmbolo style brigde, it has 2 single and one Humbucker, 1 vol and 1 tone, a switch i dont know about and a slot for a 5 way bladed switch, on the neck plate it has 4018, i picked it out of my local dump, the wiring is trashed it needs new tuners, new electronics, the PU's seem good, but everything else is shtty LOL, any help tracing would be greatly appreciated Looking to pay OVER MARKET VALUES for two specific guitars I have been looking for over the past few years: -BC RICH GUNSLINGER- Purple snakeskin with matching headstock -BC RICH VIRGIN- metallic sparkle paint finish..sort of silver/purplish metallic (originally sold on Long Island NY in the 1990s) If you know where EITHER of these 2 holy grails of mine now are, please let me know even if NOT currently for sale...! The neck (as with most bolt-on warlocks) sinks like a stone when I let go of it.Throughout the years I have had Gibsons, Fenders, Rickies, Yamahas, Ibanez, Washburns etc... thanks, [email protected]***(I always love buying 1980s BC Rich Gunslinger guitars with flashy '80s-style graphics, flashy colors (like hot pink, etc), matching headstocks, etc. Configuration is: 24 fret, single bridge humbucker, string-thru body set bridge, crescent moon inlays with the year 2000 at the 12th fret, 1 tone knob and 1 [email protected] 8 HEY LORNE, I PICKED UP A WARLOCK PLATINUM WITH WIDOW HEADSTOCK ON A TRADE, SERIAL F2050581, THE GUY DID NOT HAVE THE TREMLO ARM, AND I WAS WONDERING WHERE TO GET ONE. YOU CAN EMAIL WHENEVER YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY @ [email protected] COM ON BEHALF OF ALL THE PEOPLE ASKING YOUR HELP A BIG THANK YOU SIR! I know they came with P-J EMG Select pickups, and the reverse headstock was an additional option back then for .Mine also included the BC Rich Gig Bag, which is shaped EXACTLY for the Warlock body and the reverse headstock option.

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I've had the guitar for at least 15 years and it's still show room new. It´s a Platinum model (H-S-S w/ vintage tremolo and Bolt on Neck) with Serial #E703109..tks I am the original owner of a Warlock Platinum Series (black) reverse headstock, purchased new at Guitar Plus during summer of 1991.

I have seen a few guitars with some of the features but not all of them exactly. i have a bc rich S02084921 this is the plate on the back of the body.

The neck is a bolt on, but not with a metal plate, it looks like the bolt on installation on my Ibanez Jem and my Jackson Kelly (larger screws, counter sunk) it has 24 frets, diamond shape fret markers, reverse headstock, grover tuners, floyd rose bridge, 2 humbucker pu (black with no markings) 3 knobs and a toggle, the headstock only says B C Rich nothing else, no markings on the truss rod cover either. it was a find at a garage sale and had no info on it, can you help i am lookin to sell it but want to know its value.. I couldn't tell you which ones - more than likely Super Distortions in the bridge.

There is no other guitar like this one i think haha, i Googled my guitar so many times and i can never get an exact resemblance of mine.

I knew it was a pretty high class Warlock for its time. Rich Warlock, the pro platinum deluxe series, It has a set through neck, Widow headstock, diamond inlays, Dual BCR Humbuckers, 2 volumes knobs, 1 tone and 1 three-way toggle control.

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