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As they’re talking in the driveway, the world starts spinning. Brittany comes back, but she’s not alone—she went to get help … So, on Graham’s first date with Brittany, he vomits and helps her mom clean the driveway. The history of dating is not one of successes (though they exist) but of many, many failures.Acting on instinct, Graham takes two steps to the side and vomits all over Brittany’s driveway. And do you know where Graham and Brittany are today? What about dealing with the opposite sex makes us so awkward and weird?To ignore this situation because it is “not the way you were raised” is to allow the devil a foothold in a place where churches can least afford it.Meanwhile, premarital sex is one of the banes of the Church’s existence.Society today equates love and relationships with dating; we have been programmed to have a desire to love and be loved.

On another note, pray that God will make you the right person for the sake of honoring Him and not to attract others to you.

As a believer, you are not above becoming attracted to a non-Christian or a married person. Dating, in the sense that I have defined it, is an intentional decision utilized to determine romantic possibilities.

Anything done out of boredom does not imply a desire to love someone else, but a desire to remove the boredom by using the other person.

He sits back down again, but a few minutes later, he has to excuse himself for another pep talk.

Returning to her room, he finally confesses, “Sorry, I am just really nervous about this date.” Brittany suggests they go ahead and leave so he might calm down. Graham does not have time to worry about her departure because he is busy trying to exorcise that day’s lunch from his digestive system.

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