Dating pathological liars and nlp

If he wants to know where you work, where you live, what is your date of birth and your last name...think twice before you give this information away.There are too many criminals and con artists on dating sites and ...could happen to you.Personally, I don’t know how someone could tell so many lies and never feel bad about lying so much.Thankfully, I discovered tools to let go of the anger, shame, sadness and resentment – and move on to find (and keep) happy love – and even enjoy the happy family life I’ve always dreamed about. TWEET THIS NOW: I don’t know how someone could tell so many lies and never feel bad about lying so much.Guys with honest intentions don't ask a woman for many personal details too soon.Gentlemen should respect your privacy and should approach you slowly.These are hardwired patterns, which can be extremely difficult to break without support and assistance from a trained psychotherapist.

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If you want to lead a healthy and enjoyable life, it’s imperative that you take a long hard look at your relationship.Szmerling, who has extensive experience working with various mental health conditions and their associated problems, shares his expertise o the topic of compulsive lying in this exclusive expert interview.Find out how you or a loved one can become free from lying addiction.Often such third parties give the liar an ultimatum such as, "Stop lying or I'm going to leave you! LTK: How can a friend or family member help someone with a lying disorder seek treatment? People have to want to change intrinsically or it'll probably be a waste of effort at best.With that said, the best thing you can do in this situation is to gently and genuinely show empathy - remember a compulsive lying problem, even narcissistic pathology, doesn't come out of thin air!Conversely the "avoidant" pattern involves avoiding any intense feelings and relying on intellectualization and rationalization.For the same reason people can't regulate their emotions by themselves; we are hardwired for attachment. We require a supportive "other" to help us contain our feelings.When we don't receive "good enough" parenting, insecure attachments often develop.This can manifest in an "anxious-ambivalent" pattern, in which individuals put the needs of others before themselves, are terrified of abandonment and often have trouble controlling intense emotions.If someone lies even at your expense, know deep down even below his/her awareness, he/she is desperate for approval and feels extremely anxious.So the more you can demonstrate assertively that while you won't tolerate being used, lied to or taken advantage of, you acknowledge how telling the truth takes huge courage and is not easy. Only then, you could gently point the person towards seeking counseling, reassuring them that counseling is confidential and non-judgmental. Have you seen tuning forks work and resonate with each other? If you want to influence another, change yourself first.

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