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The other woman seized her passport until she paid the amount, recommending to her that she become a sex worker so as to pay off the debt more quickly.

Layla’s mother in Hungary thinks that she works at a factory.

The sex workers, all of whom were Africans, were waiting for customers on the street, but seemed shy and fearful. But it took me three months to cover that distance to photograph their lives.

Africans charge 100 to 150 Turkish Liras from their customers, who include people from all economic classes.

I learned from “the guy talk” in the street that “demand” for African sex workers was higher as a result of sexual fantasies involving well-rounded hips. The boyfriend of 26-year-old Jessica is a worker at a factory. Like other African sex workers, she pays a rent higher than the normal value despite the terrible condition of the house.

At first, I was only observing the street, looking for a door that may open to their closed, troubled worlds. Because – after everything they experienced here – they had learned something: Never trust a white man.

When I started this project, there were 15 African sex workers on the street.

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