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Although many non-communicable diseases are preventable, a large proportion are not, even under optimal circumstances. A well-known practitioner of this approach is the World Bank, which has devoted a great deal of time and effort to defining a suitable international poverty line and estimating the number of people living below it.

The challenges lie in reducing the avoidable deaths and disabilities related to non-communicable diseases as much as possible with the available resources. B., Williams, P., Fosher, K., Criqui, M., and Stampfer, M. In the United Kingdom, a statistic frequently cited to document the prevalence of poverty refers to the proportion of the population (currently just under a quarter) with less than half the country’s average per capita income (Anonymous 1999).

Eliminating risk factors for those at highest risk who benefit the most from this intervention will only have limited impact at population levels as the majority of these diseases come from people with moderate risk who will personally benefit very little by avoiding the risk determinants in question. Absolute poverty The first, based on what is often called ‘absolute poverty’, takes a universal perspective and defines poverty in terms of a given level of income or consumption, which is equally relevant for people wherever they may be.

Furthermore, all individual-based health programmes are expected to have limited immediate effect and may increase social inequalities in health as the well educated are probably more likely to adapt to evidence-based disease prevention and health care than non-educated people. This is usually done by defining a ‘poverty line’ as the lowest amount of money sufficient to purchase the amount of food necessary for a minimally adequate diet (and still have enough left over to buy other essentials).

There is no magic treatment that will make arteriosclerosis go away and it is unlikely that any cancer treatment will ever be able to eliminate the excess cancer mortality associated with smoking. However, others feel that relative poverty and deprivation are just as important, if not more so.

Cancer treatment may in time be able to cure a growing number of cancer diseases, but many opportunities for prevention have been lost because we have waited in vain for this to happen. Inequality in health While a concern for improving the health of the poor is widespread, it is by no means universally preferred.

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