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This is not about men feeling any entitlement of any sort.

The “Send message” functionality is there for a reason and that’s why men use it.

Electronic social interaction is like junk food, whereas face to face interaction is like wholesome and organic food.

This article will be based on my own experience as a male and on the sentiments of many men from various manosphere websites and blogs.

Today, in this day and age of technological advancement, we are presented with tools that aim (sincerely one must say) at helping us in our endeavor in human interaction and forming new connections.

Social tools such as Facebook and online dating websites such as Ok Cupid,, e Harmony and the likes, all try to help us connect, form new connections, make friends (with or without benefits) and often times just hook up.

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Instead those tools only cover shallow dimensions of the human interactions without providing the full spectrum of such.As it seems, men are at a disadvantage when it comes to online dating.Here’s the sad story about men’s experience with online dating: they don’t receive as much messages as women do.In this article, I will be addressing some aspects and realities that I have observed in this day and age regarding online dating.The majority of online dating sites provide you with a platform where you are presented with a page where you can fill some information about yourself, your interests, what you are looking for, and with means to upload your photos.You enter that place and say “hello”, “good morning”, or any other greeting and all you get in response is a cold shoulder, a hateful glance or a plain simple attitude of being ignored. Yes, I know what you will say: “it ain’t a good feeling actually” and perhaps you would add: “I don’t want to go there anymore”.They say that online dating is a numbers game, but in fact it is more than that.After you filled the basic profile information about yourself and uploaded some pictures, then the hunt for a potential new friend, lover, or a hookup partner begins.Based on the research I did, it appears that there is disparity and disproportion between the demand and supply in the dating market.In return, there’s also a “Reply” button which women should use as well.I compare the recurrance of such incident (sending messages and receiving no replies) to something like when you visit a place and you are met with unfriendliness.

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