Is robert plant and alison krauss dating

All the way through time, whether it's 'The Rover' or 'In The Light' or wherever you want to end up calling to you, loads of different songs have had reflections based on experience.I think that by the time I got to Mighty Re-Arranger, I had just come out of the Dreamland period of creating trippy music based on the gifts of the musicians around me.His version of 'Little Maggie' came out in 1948 and it was first recorded in 1928 so I didn't turn my back on it at all.I just came back to, if you like, Led Zeppelin III, not as that album but as me going back to the misty mountains.The reason the album starts with 'Little Maggie' was because I learned a lot out there in Tennessee and those musicians, and I haven't lost any of it.In a few days I'm going to be singing on a Ralph Stanley record with him.

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“I pulled out my student bus pass, ripped into shreds almost, and found all these references to where I was when it was last seen, at the age of 19.” At 65, skin-creased, ponytailed and grey-bearded, Plant contemplates the contents in tones of wonder.

He grumbles, with much humour, about having “an IT nightmare” because his laptop has crashed with files of his band jamming that he intended to use to write new songs.

“It’s skull-crushing,” he says of laborious days spent backing files up, and you wonder why he doesn’t have minions for this sort of thing, but it’s not his style. Plant is about to launch his own independent record label, Yam Yam345.

He wanders into a pub close to his Primrose Hill residence without airs or graces, in slacks, T-shirt and hooded all-weather jacket.

Lunch is a sandwich grabbed from the deli across the road.

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