Dating break up statistics

I advise people not to panic and rush into letting a high-pressured couple of weeks potentially spoil the rest of their life and that of their children.We then tend to see a percentage of clients actually going ahead in March/April when they've made a calm decision, and also a sharp spike in client numbers after the long school holidays in September.” How then can you make sure your relationship survives the January hump?

Similarly, don't book a tandem parachute jump, just ask her every evening how her day was.

Your relationship's intensity will peak and wane; that's life.

Lower your expectations of your partner a little, they need not be your only source of validation, solace and social entertainment, so reduce the amount of emotional responsibility you put on them and work on yourself.

He's now with a girl who is totally fine with an Argos engagement ring and I spent Christmas with my dog, so we're all in a much better place, I think.

But we'd be wrong to pin all the blame on our other halves for all these January break-ups.

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