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A reporter from Channel 2 returned to the site on Sunday and discovered that the English-language video explaining the site said simply that “the cave was formed many years ago.” Stalactites grow at a rate of centimeters over thousands of years.Some of the stalactites in the cave are four meters (13 feet) long and have been dated as 300,000 years old. In the interest of greater representation, Marvel has replaced many of their iconic characters or supplemented them with counterparts of gender and ethnic diversity, including: a black Captain America and Spider-Man; a female Thor and Wolverine; a black female Iron Man (who goes by the name “Ironheart” because, you know, not a man); an Asian Hulk.The following dialogue then ensues: Raven: I don’t know anything about Chanukah. Although I did once visit a Lubavitch outreach center on my home planet of Tamaran… But it’s not about whose shout-out is better (#sourgrapes), it’s just great to see Jews acknowledged.For non-Jewish readers – many of whom may not even know a Jew – it helps to normalize us.

This may be the first pop culture shout-out the OU has enjoyed since the television show ?

That’s not to say that there are no Jewish superheroes (or supervillains), it’s just that the is usually to reveal that some existing character happens to be Jewish.

What neither company has done, however, is introduce any new, Jewish versions of their classic heroes.

On Wednesdays, Naftali has afternoons off from his unnamed yeshiva, so he makes a sandwich run for himself and Ms. (They lunch together because both have “weird dietary restrictions.”) On this particular Wednesday, Naftali appears bearing “paper-thin OU-certified corned beef, toasted bread, enough horseradish to set up your bowels for a week, fresh from Elite Meat on Newark Ave.” While the store appears to be fictitious, the certifying agency is most definitely real. The OU definitely exists in the Marvel Universe, alongside the likes of the Avengers and the Silver Surfer.

With this background, let us return to #25, which introduces the title character’s friend, the yarmulke-wearing Naftali.

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