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Java Beans are reusable software components for Java that can be manipulated visually in a builder tool.

Practically, they are classes written in the Java programming language conforming to a particular convention.

DTOs are often used in conjunction with data access objects to retrieve data from a database.

The difference between data transfer objects and business objects or data access objects is that a DTO does not have any behaviour except for storage and retrieval of its own data (accessors and mutators). POJO vs Java Beans [1] The Java-Beanness of a POJO is that it's private attributes are all accessed via public getters and setters that conform to the Java Beans conventions. Basically, DTO: "Data transfer objects " can travel between seperate layers in software architecture.

Early J2EE literature used the term value object to describe a different notion, what I call a Data Transfer Object.

They have since changed their usage and use the term Transfer Object instead.

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These conventions make it possible to have tools that can use, reuse, replace, and connect Java Beans.So we gave them one, and it's caught on very nicely." The term continues the pattern of older terms for technologies that do not use fancy new features, such as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) in telephony, and PODS (Plain Old Data Structures) that are defined in C but use only C language features, and POD (Plain Old Documentation) in Perl.The term has most likely gained widespread acceptance because of the need for a common and easily understood term that contrasts with complicated object frameworks.You can find some more good material on value objects on the wiki and by Dirk Riehle.Data Transfer Object or DTO is a (anti) pattern introduced with EJB.You can usually tell them because their notion of equality isn't based on identity, instead two value objects are equal if all their fields are equal.Although all fields are equal, you don't need to compare all fields if a subset is unique - for example currency codes for currency objects are enough to test equality.There were rules laid down for objects that qualified as "Java Beans": EJBs came later.They combine distributed components and a transactional model, running in a container that manages threads, pooling, life cycle, and provides services. DTOs came about in the Java context because people found out that the EJB 1.0 spec was too "chatty" with the database.Today, the term is used for any simple object with no extra stuff.Again, Wikipedia does a good job at defining POJO: POJO is an acronym for Plain Old Java Object.

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