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New Yorker Decorative arts historian, author and lecturer, Derek Ostergard believes the architects for the house selected by Astor's first wife Helen Huntington Astor were N. In 1938, to repeat the success to him and his family of the private railway system he had built on his estate in the USA, Astor created on this his Bermuda property a 2ft gauge (narrow gauge) railway train with an initial 800 feet (later, another 600 feet) of his own track with 2 small purpose-built passenger carriages each seating four people and two luggage cars, run by a Baldwin locomotive - which also made the carriages - which carried him and his guests over the hill to his own private station - referred to as Astor's Siding - on the Bermuda Railway.

The Bermuda Railway system operated until 1948 when everything - engines, carriages, other rolling stock and equipment were sold to the Bermuda Government which resold and transported it to British Guiana, later Guyana).

In 1962, an RB-47 reconnaissance aircraft from the United States Air Force crashed on the property after taking off from the nearby Kindley Air Force Base and damaged some of the outbuildings. Founded in 1903 by scientists from Harvard University, New York University and the Bermuda Natural History Society as a station for research in biology and zoology.

Incorporated in New York in 1926 as a US not-for-profit organisation.

Economic activity has been further boosted by the airport redevelopment and the return of regular cruise ships. Beach towels, lounge chairs and umbrellas are available on this private beach. It is named after a Princess of Denmark, the then young wife of Edward, a son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, later to be Edward VII, King of Great Britain and Emperor of India.

The PLP has been actively promoting its St Georges election candidates, with senators Tine Furbert and Ms Ming rolled out in St Georges South and St Georges North in addition to Mr Swan. Alexandra Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise Julia was the daughter of King Christian IX of Denmark and married Edward at the age of 17 in March 1863, Alexandra Battery at Bermuda being built a few years later.

At the 2012 election, the OBA took three of the parishs four seats, including St Georges West, where Nandi Outerbridge claimed 359 for the OBA, against 355 for Rene Ming of the PLP and 214 for independent Kim Swan.

The popular vote in the East End was tied at 47 per cent each.

Today, these rust-ridden relics are the only rolling-stock remnants anywhere in Bermuda of both the original Astor Estate railway and the Bermuda Railway.

It may be too late now to have them restored as unique pieces of Bermuda railway history.

At this time it is not known for sure whether Astor still owned the property when he died or whether it was after he died that the estate was sold to others. On a Wednesday, there is a free guided tour starting at about 10 am.

In 1941 the-then pristine Castle Harbour to the south (one of the two main sea vistas of the house, with the other having equally unobstructed sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean to the north and small beaches nearby), was substantially altered from 1941 by the destruction of a number of small islands opposite them at massive American taxpayer expense to make what become the new (1941 to 1995) American military base on St. Buses will drop you off a half mile away, or you can park a moped.

David's Island first known as Fort Bell of the US Army, then a United States Army Air Force, then US Air Force base and today Kindley Field, (now part of the Bermuda international airport). Areas of specialization include marine biology, mariculture, monitoring of global environmental dangers and global warming signs, oceanography and studies of the Gulf Stream.

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