Serveraid 6i updating battery fw

Ghost 7.5 hangs as soon as I want to select the disk, which is visible, and press OK. I tried to modify the and as above on a 98 bootdisk, but so far no go. I used a WIN98 boot disk with the following configuration: Config.sys:device=himem.sysdevice=emm386noems i=b000-b7ffdos=high,umbfiles=100buffers=30DEVICEhigh=\net\/I:\net DEVICEhigh=\net\dis_DEVICEhigh=\net\E100B.doslastdrive=zautoexec.bat:/[email protected] off\net\netbind.comghost To make this work you must first update the BIOS Flash Firmware to version 1.05 or later . Ghosting a IBM x342 with Serve Raid adapter will cause Ghost to hang when selecting the drive.I do get an error on line:device=emm386noems i=b000-b7ffbut I don't get it. If you don't make the update the ghost will never works...days of searching... The suggested solution isn't working for me, so i am doing something wrong? Then i created a bootable peer-peer disk with norton ghost 2003...Where you can watch it: Hulu and Amazon—emmad40 Lonnie Franklin's DNA matched with over 20 possible murder victims, and Tales of the Grim Sleeper features interviews with people who knew him best — making for creepy insight into one of Los Angeles's worst murder sprees ever.' Life' is a crowning achievement for a documentary series and actually, like the best documentary shows, feels much more than that.As far as Attenborough's work goes too, ' Life' to me is one of his biggest achievements.Some info:- x342 with Serve Raid 4L/4M (bios 4.70.17)- RAID 5 configuration- x342 flash bios upgraded to 1.07- Ghost coperate edition V7.5Questions- Is the DOS version important when booting from the DOS disk? When the server started it reported me that the NIC driver was incorrect.. After that ghosts started en I was able to do a backup of my IBM X235 with RAID 5i controller (3 disks RAID 5 Config) onto an NTFS partition.... one step before i tried OPENDOS (not msdos) and i came a bit closer to a working ghost...- What makes the suggested and so special the it solves the problem (emm386 or the cddriver)? (maybe for some people this could be the solution) Hi All, The IBM Serve Raid Controller Cards DO run Ghost, you just need to be aware of a couple of key points...1) In Versions of Serve Raid Firmware 4.3, 4.7 & 4.84 the int13 Support (the ability to directly access the disk) was quite poor, this led to many systems being unable to support ghost.Any help would be appreciated, Thank you Tom Barnett Hello Tom, we have the same problem with our server but we know that it has nothing to do with the server type. If you go on Symantec site, you will see that ghost, even 2002, doesn't support RAID 5 configuration. I had the same problem with exactly the same hardware. I am using Norton Ghost 2002 and i can't get it to work.Sorry but we don't have the solution to clone RAID 5 disk. What happens is the IBM utility partion can get reversed when you reconfigure the RAID controller. Then edit the file to the correct partition and reboot. And by the way how did you get yuour server to work with multicast? I am having IBM 4500R servers and x 330 series of servers with IBM RAID 4M/4L card on this and configured with RAID 5 I am not able to take the Image of this , I am using Norton Ghost 7.5Could you please give me the steps and procedure to do the same Thanking you in advance Sameer babu I ended up modifying BOOT. Do you have any ideas how i can ghost this to back up this needed info?

Using the and defined earlier it fixed the problem. Thanks everyone who contributed, it got me out of jail.

On a documentary level, "Fish" continually fascinates and illuminates, while there are some familiar facts here a lot of it was very much new.

I am using the Server Guide 6.06 CD to setup the drives.

Then we are installing apps onto the new server that has been created from the image to create machines with exchange, web, infrastructure, application.

I create a Ghost image of the partition - not the entire disk, since I am using this image for serveral models (x342, x360, x232)On the new machine, I boot with the Server Guide CD and wipe the drives clean and re-initialize the array.

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