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A weaker magnetic field results in a little more C-14 production.Atomic testing from the 1950s and 60s in­creased the amount of C-14.Radioactive elements decay at fixed rates, some very slow, some very fast.Scientists call this rate or speed of decay a "half-life." One half-life equals the length of time for half of the isotope to decay. So if we start with 1 pound of C-14, after 5,730 years we should have % pound of C-14. It decayed back to the stable, non­radioactive nitrogen-14.During WWII, he had worked on the Manhat­tan Project as part of the team that developed the atomic bomb.After WWII, he became interested in the effect of solar radiation on earth's atmosphere.

AMS can literally sort out and count the atoms of C-14 from C-12 and C-13.

This radioactive form of carbon reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide, a gas in our atmosphere. Animals eat plants, and some animals eat other animals, so a very small part of living bodies is made of radioactive C-14.

While living, they bring in C-14 and also get rid of it as part of waste products.

But when they die, a clock starts ticking, which is the radioactive decay of the C-14.

The clock begins at death because no more C-14 is com­ing in.

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