Embarrassing teenage dating stories

Just as I was about to say something about it, the whole thing fell off in one big chunk, bringing a hunk of the wall and tiles with it. I tried to cover for us with a story about him slipping while he was showering alone, but they definitely weren’t buying it.-- My story is more of a case of second-hand embarrassment. He later sent me unsolicited nudes and proved that he does, in fact, have a very small penis.He laughed after he figured it out, but for a second there I was sure he’d faint!-- I once fell off a three-foot-high platform bed with a 200 pound man on top of me, landed on the concrete floor and got knocked out cold.I was camping and my friends thought I was asleep so they started having sex next to me. " and her boyfriend replied, "What do you mean is it in yet? -- My girlfriend and I decided to have an afternoon quickie.I reached in her dresser drawer for a condom and couldn’t find any, even though we’d just bought some the night before.He never asked me out again.—Holly Snelson, Facebook I was with a guy I really liked, and when we got back to his house, I REALLY had to poop.

I wrapped it in toilet paper and shoved it in the trash.

A guy invited me over after dinner to watch a movie.

We started cuddling when I began to feel sick from the food.

-- I was blowing my ex in my parent's shower and getting ready for some steamy shower sex.

Things were going well until I realized he was resting his weight on the soap dish.

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