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Another difference between apps and websites is that dating websites usually use some sort of algorithm to try to pair you with a person you “should” get along with. Within the category of dating apps, most operate on the same basic principles.

Apps, for the most part, just send all of the unfiltered profiles your direction and let you do the dirty work of deciding whom you like for yourself. Tinder, by far the most popular, is also the most straightforward, and it serves as the basic model for the rest of the apps.

Based on their photos, their bio, or both, you can choose whether or not you’d like to chat with them.

Although there are buttons you can push (a red X and a green checkmark), the app is known for its “swipe” feature.

Other dating apps are surprisingly similar to the basic template of Tinder, but with their own unique flare.

For instance, Coffee Meets Bagel only provides each user with one other profile per day.

And second, minor changes most often do not result in large-​scale revolution.

Dating trends come and go, sometimes with little perceptible impact on the larger face of the dating tradition.

Although they have real URLs, both Match and OKCupid now have app versions as well.Once your profile is set up, you can start finding matches.When you log onto the Tinder app, profiles of people in your area will immediately pop up.Now that you’ve set what you’re looking for in another person, you can edit your own profile.Tinder will pull photos from your Facebook profile, which you can use as your Tinder profile pictures if you’d like, or you can upload your own photos.After linking to your Facebook, Tinder will ask you to set your profile settings.You select what gender you’re looking for (again, only male or female), the distance from your current location you’d like your matches to be (from one to ).(Yes, it’s a major headache for anyone who is not straight and/​or not traditionally masculine or feminine.) The primary difference between the category of dating “apps” as compared to dating “sites” is that apps are meant to be accessed through a smartphone or tablet.Although there are ways to access these apps through a laptop or desktop, the vast majority of users simply use the interface as it was meant to be used — on a smartphone.But before you can have an insightful conversation about where dating apps fit into all of this, you have to understand what a dating app is and how it is different from (and similar to) other methods of meeting mates.Dating apps — such as Tinder, Bumble, and Coffee Meets Bagel — all operate on the same basic platform, each with their own specific appeal and target audience.

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