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This “practice” of up-selling a customer is okay IF it is done ethically. My nephew sure didn’t seem to think so when we discovered they weren’t leaking. He has four vehicles plus a travel trailer, all wearing Les Schwab tires. His words to me were “I will never darken their doorway again.” Reply It is unfortunate that, a once great company, has a culture of trying to upsell customers for unnescessary repairs. This needs to be addressed soon or all of the goodwill that Les generated will soon diappear.IF it is for something that actually needs to be done. I was a Les Schwab customer because of the service. I found the same tires I bought from you for 0 less at a local shop. Reply Went to Less Schwab in Albany today to buy a lawnmower tire and get it mounted.Then I had my tires rotated 3 weeks ago and they still found nothing that could possibly be making the noise.So I got under my own PU and found a rubber boot off of a part that went to my drivers wheel.He stood there saying how hard they worked and that they were behind.All I got were excuses from this fat boy and no help!The guy who did the rotation finished up but told me that I needed new shocks! He started stammering as he tried, quite unsuccessfully, to provide some sort of justification.

I had new tires put on and told them about the same noise ,they looked again and found nothing.Reply I have been stewing on this for about 4 months and decided I had to write in.We have 2 trucks and a travel trailer that all have Les Schwab tires on them.You have after 35 years of me being a loyal customer LOST MY BUSINESS! I had him do a cost sheet with the reason why it was needed. By the time I left I noticed that more employees had shown up.Took the van to another Schwab store to do a rotation and had them look at struts, brakes, and anything else that may need replaced. Reply I visited the Les Schwab in Moses Lake, Wa and had my truck looked at as I was having brake issues.There were employees all over the place drinking coffee and eating popcorn while the line grew to 40 plus people.They made us wait in the cold untill about 4 minutes before the store offically opened and let us in.After getting the truck back it seemed that the front tires were squealing on corners but driving better.Fast forward from August 18th to October 14th, I noticed the truck to feel more bumpy and not driving well, the brakes were working well, but there wasnt something right, climbing under the truck I realize the inside of both my front tires were rubbed to the wires of the tire, I imediatley took it into the Clarkston Le Schwab and have been working with Cory, although my I have this great “warranty” nothing was covered on the tired as the alignment was out because “I” rammed into something.I went to the desk and asked if it was ready to go.I was told all they did was diognose the problem and they didn’t have the parts in stock to fix it.

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