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2 years later Jaques & Lindsay are happily married with a beautiful daughter named Alice.

Their love is boundless yet she still doesn’t understand his Afrikaans humor or music – oh well!

, will likely be part of your life (if you're not already hitched).

You’ll meet locals, foreign travelers, and fellow teachers from around the globe that will open up your point of view as you experience their unique cultures.

The best way to navigate love and dating abroad is to build a strong social circle and a support system while you are overseas. Once you get to know the locals all the mysteries of dating and love in that country will begin to fall into place. ” "What is local protocol for asking somebody out on a first date?

Here are some great ideas for making friends while teaching abroad: 9 Pro Tipsto Help You Make Friends While Teaching English Abroad. “Is it normal for someone to talk to me within 6 inches of my face? " "Is it appropriate for me to ask for somebody's phone # or email address ?

" "Will differences in matters like religion be an obstacle in pursuing a relationship?

A huge part of adjusting to a new culture is the ability to understand their norms in love, relationships, and dating.

Many English teachers experience successful relationships, and some even find the love of their life (like your's truly!

" You’ll see how the pieces fit together the longer you stay abroad.

Love is a universal language that’s easy to understand, right? The differences in how cultures date and “court” are astounding.

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