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The proposed law would threaten the TDC’s role, mandated under the transitional justice law, to mediate cases relating to corruption and economic crimes, which were endemic during the 23-year rule of former President Ben Ali.

Tunisia’s parliament adopted a new counterterrorism law on July 25 that imperils human rights and lacks adequate safeguards against abuses.

In June, the council issued a decision invalidating the law and sent it back to the parliament for revision.

On November 13, the parliament adopted the final version of the law, upholding the Constitional Council’s request to remove membership of the general prosecutor of military justice as an ex-officio member.

There were several documented incidents of torture and other mistreatment in 2015.Ayari spent four months in prison before his release on April 16, 2015.On December 24, 2013, the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) adopted the Law on Establishing and Organizing Transitional Justice.Tunisia experienced several deadly attacks by Islamist extremists in 2015 that left dozens of people dead and others injured.On March 18, two gunmen attacked the Bardo Museum, adjacent to Tunisia’s parliament, killing 21 foreign tourists and one Tunisian security agent.Its functions will include making judicial appointments and overseeing judicial discipline and the career progression of judges.A week after its adoption, 30 members of parliament challenged the new law before the Constitutional Council, itself a temporary body, arguing that its composition and mandate failed to implement the constitutional chapter on the judiciary.Article 29 of the constitution affords detainees “the right to be represented by a lawyer,” but the code of criminal procedures allows detainees to consult a lawyer only after they appear before an investigative judge, up to six days after arrest.Parliament has yet to debate a draft law to reform the Code of Criminal Procedures that the previous government submitted in April 2013.The law also established a Truth and Dignity Commission (TDC) tasked with uncovering the truth about abuses committed between July 1955, shortly before Tunisia’s independence from France, and the law’s adoption in 2013.The NCA elected 15 of the TDC’s members on May 15, 2014, and in August 2015, the TDC said it had received 16,000 complaints from people alleging human rights abuses and had begun processing them.

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