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Šobrīd Tu izmanto šī čata Flash versiju: tā ir aprīkota ar visām funkcijām un ir pilnībā optimizēta.Ja neesi apmierināts ar Flash Player funkcionalitāti uz Tava datora, lūdzu - pamēģini pārslēgties uz HTML-5 lapas versiju nospiežot "slēdzi".The car plunged into tide-swept Poucha Pond (there a channel) and came to rest, upside down, underwater.Kennedy recalled later that he was able to swim free of the vehicle, but Kopechne was not.According to Kennedy's inquest testimony, he made a wrong turn onto Dike Road, which was an unlit dirt road that led to Dike Bridge (also spelled Dyke Bridge).Dike Road was unpaved, but Kennedy, driving at "approximately twenty miles an hour [30 km/h]", took "no particular notice" of that fact, and did not realize that he was no longer headed toward the ferry landing.

According to Kennedy's own testimony, he accidentally drove his car off the one-lane bridge and into a tidal channel.

The car was driven by a man with a female passenger in the front seat.

The car first drove onto the private Cemetery Road and stopped there.

The Chappaquiddick incident became a nationally-known scandal of the 1970s and likely influenced Kennedy's decision not to campaign for President in 19. Also present were Kennedy's cousin Joseph Gargan and Paul F. When he announced that he was about to leave, Kopechne told him "that she was desirous of leaving, if I would be kind enough to drop her back at her hotel." Kennedy then requested the keys to his mother's car from his chauffeur, Crimmins.

On Friday, July 18, 1969 (two days before the Apollo 11 moon landing), US Senator Ted Kennedy hosted a party on Chappaquiddick Island, an isle accessible via ferry from the town of Edgartown on the nearby larger island of Martha's Vineyard. Markham, a school friend of Gargan who had previously served as the U. Asked why he did not have his chauffeur drive them both, Kennedy explained that Crimmins and some other guests "were concluding their meal, enjoying the fellowship and it didn't appear to me necessary to require him to bring me back to Edgartown." Christopher "Huck" Look was a deputy sheriff who was working that night as a special police officer at the Edgartown regatta dance.

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